Friday, July 1, 2011

New York Style Crumb Cake

I can't believe myself, barely able to keep up with minimum blogging currently, and now a member of the new Club: BAKED, a group that is baking through the book Baked Explorations. At first I knew nothing about Baked other than that they make a very popular brownie, so I was a little apprehensive about the new group, but I have so enjoyed baking along with the Sweet Melissa Sundays group and this is kind of the next chapter of that group, so how could I say no? Plus I really needed some new kitchen inspiration, and have missed blogging, so here I am!

Our very first recipe is New York Style Crumb Cake, hosted by our Club: BAKED creator, Karen at Karen's Cookies Cakes & More, thank you Karen! You can find the recipe here at Karen's site, and check out her jumbo muffin pan version. I happen to have a couple of those jumbo muffin pans and can't wait to use them with this Crumb Cake recipe, yum!

The cake was easy to put together, no problems with the recipe, whew! I baked it in an insulated 9 by 13 pan for the full 55 minutes, which was just perfect. I was worried if I used an uninsulated pan it might be a little to crispy crunchy around the edges for our liking. You can't see the big crumbs very well on the individual piece in the photos, so here is a picture of the cake just out of the oven, with plenty of giant crumbs :)

This was delicious, my kids loved it and so did my mom who was visiting. Picky husband is at work and hasn't sampled this yet, but I think it will be a huge hit for him when he gets home! This is definitely the recipe for Crumb Cake, no questions asked!

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