Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Deep Dish Veggie Pizza

We love pizza at our house, from crispy thin crust to extra cheesy deep dish, so when I saw this Pizzeria Uno Pizza Deep Dish Pizza Set on amazon I just had to buy it and see if I could recreate some Chicago style pizzas at home. I love Chicago deep dish, extra cheesy and saucy on top, my favorite is probably from Giordano's, although I've tried Gino's and Uno's, and really, they were all delicious. We are not that far (by train or car) from Chicago and used to do lots of weekend shopping trips there -- pre-kids, and a deep dish pizza was a must for dinner at least one night :)

This was my first try with the pan, I went for a more basic veggie deep dish, lots of mozzarella, provolone, a touch of home made san marzano pizza sauce, and plenty of mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. I know it's not a traditional Chicago pie with the sauce on top but I was worried it might make the pizza too wet with all of these veggies, so I just added a little bit in between the layers of cheese and veggies.

I made this for the kids and I one night while husband was working, he doesn't eat mushrooms, or peppers, or tomatoes, picky guy that he is. The kids were excited to use our new pan that arrived in a pizza box (cute touch) and we had a fun time putting this one together.

The 'kit' itself comes with a 12 inch, 2 inch deep pan, a pizza cutter/server, and a 'menu' with a basic dough recipe and a handful of recipes for Chicago style pizza.

The pan is great but I do have one little complaint, the cutter/server mars the finish of the pan...and I usually never cut in the pan, but could not remove the pizza from the pan after baking since it is so huge -- I was looking through the little recipe menu for tips on top to remove pizza from pan, nope. So I went ahead and gently cut the pizza to serve it from the pan and was disappointed to see that the finish was all scratched from the cutter. Oh-well. I guess I'm just extra picky about stuff like that. Other than that this is a great pizza set, and we loved making a huge deep dish pizza at home.

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