Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caramel Pots de Creme -- Tuesdays with Dorie

Time for Tuesdays with Dorie and I'm actually posting again -- I know, two TWD weeks in a row! Trying to make a comeback here :) Our recipe of the week is for Caramel Pots de Creme, my second attempt making pots de creme (my first one was the chocolate version for TWD -- which turned out lovely). Thank you to Peggy from Peggy the Baker for this pick.

The above photo is before baking, I covered mine in aluminum foil and had to bake for a little longer than the recipe called for, 20 minutes perhaps? It was a while after, but they just weren't setting up for me. Anyway, they looked delicious, the caramel taste was nice, but they were just too custardy / eggy for me this time.

Not sure what happened between me making the TWD chocolate pots de creme and these but after unexpectedly liking those, I was expecting to love these (since I am personally more of a caramel fan than chocolate) but no cigar :( Kids did not like these either, while I remember them loving the chocolate ones. Oh-well. You win some, you lose some. Still was fun to get out my little ramekins and bake something, and the luscious caramel smell in the kitchen was worth it :)


Clivia said...

We found them better when fresh at room temperature than after sitting in the fridge overnight. But they were very eggy.
Yours look lovely!

Peggy the Baker said...

They look beautiful! I must admit to baking these twice--the first time with foil since I was super skeptical of plastic wrap. I think I over-baked them because the second time I made them and used plastic wrap, I could more easily see the jiggliness and they were luscious. I think these are temperamental little things! Thanks for baking with me this week.

TeaLady said...

Too bad you didn't like these cause they were mighty tasty.

I had to bake mine a few minutes longer as well and the plastic 'melted' on the pots, but not into them.

Mine were more like a flan.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame they didn't taste good when they look so lovely!

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Nancy said...

All I can say is YUMMY!!
You have a great blog!

SNOW :> said...

i love caramel :P

myrtle said...

WoW! caramel is one of my fav..love your blog.=D
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