Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cranberry Pumpkin Walnut Loaves

Jumping back into Tuesdays with Dorie with this delicious fall flavored mini bread!  You can find the recipe here at Rebecca's site, thank you for hosting, Rebecca!   I love pumpkin baked goods (and anything pumpkin, really) and this was my first pumpkin recipe of the season, now I can't wait to make some more pumpkin goodies.

I used frozen cranberries and raisins, I debated using dried cranberries which I also have in my pantry but went with the frozen ones since I have so many to use up.  They add a delightful juicy burst of tartness when you get a bite with one. I think they bread would have been a little prettier with fresh cranberries, will have to remember that for next time.  I have been baking along with TwD just not posting, so I'm looking forward to the October make up date to share the rest :) Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Your bread looks really yummy! Cute photos of loves of your life! Kristine Mika (louisawalter)

Cindy said...

Your bread is beautiful! We really enjoyed this--bring on the pumpkin!

Kathy said...

Beautiful loaves! This one was a hit in my house…a definite keeper!

Cathleen said...

I love anything pumpkin! Was disappointed this did not have more of a pumpkin essence. I too used frozen cranberries. I thought they worked fine. Did you thaw yours? I did.

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