Monday, September 15, 2008

Yellow Watermelon

Just a quick little post because I wanted to share a new little food find, Yellow Crimson Watermelon! I didn't even know there were yellow watermelons, but found this one at Meijer, of course the kids and I had to take it home, who wouldn't want to try some yellow watermelon? It tastes pretty much like regular watermelon, I read online that it had a 'honey' flavored fruit but I did not really notice a honey flavor. It was very juicy (as most watermelon is) and had a mellow flavor. We loved it!

Most people have probably seen these before but this was a first for us :)

Doesn't it look like a bowl of pineapple all cut up?



Natashya said...

I have never tried yellow watermellon. It looks good, and you are right - it does look like pineapple when it is chopped up.
I love your Thai noodles too. I have not had dinner yet and they are making me hungry.

Debinhawaii said...

I have seen it once before but have never tried it so good to know it tastes the same. I do love the color.

superman said...

Wow! it was so amazing...and it looks so good...

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mj said... of my favorite fruits is watermelon...It looks good...I love the color too...

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Ana Margarita Supitran said...

You're blog made me hungry and looks fabulous...keep posting!

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