Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Kitchen My World -- Cinnamon Sugar Bubble Bread

I'm posting Cinnamon Sugar Bubble Bread (what my kids call it) which is also known as Monkey Bread (what my husband calls it) for My Kitchen My World, this week our assignment was to make something that reminded us of our family, heritage, country, etc. -- there were lots of recipes that I thought of, but this one is special for our little 'nuclear' family :)
I make this ooey gooey sticky caramel bread treat a few times a year, it is a real favorite around here for holiday breakfasts. I had never heard of monkey bread until I married my husband, but as soon as I did I knew I would love it. I've tried lots of different recipes but this one is my favorite -- so far -- I'm not opposed to trying more :) There are tons of variations, some have nuts, raisins, even blueberries, and there is even a savory version I've tried with Italian seasonings and parmesan cheese, which is just perfect with a spaghetti dinner. I think this cinnamon sugar one is the more classic version, pretty much small pieces of dough are rolled in cinnamon sugar, positioned into a bundt or tube pan, layered with some caramel syrup, then baked. When finished in the oven you invert it onto a serving plate and watch the caramel drip down the sides, yeah, this is a messy little number. Let it cool for just a bit, you don't want to burn yourself, but this is best served warm.

Here is my current favorite recipe,
Monkey Bread I've been making this one for the past few years, the only change I make is rolling the dough chunks in cinnamon sugar before putting them in the pan, then pouring a little of the caramel sauce over them dough chunks in the pan when the pan is halfway full, and then some more with the pan is completely full before the last rise. I hope that makes sense! I've made it exactly as written as well but this way tastes better to my husband, the local "monkey bread" expert :)

An easy way to get little dough chunks it to lightly flatted out your dough, like for a focaccia, then cut into strips, then cubes, with a pizza cutter, after that the kids can help by rolling the dough into little balls and dropping them into the cinnamon sugar.

You might want to have a lined pan underneath to watch out for drips that could possibly burn in your oven and make a smokey mess (yes, I've had that happen.)

I can't wait to see what family favorite recipes everyone else has to share for My Kitchen My World Be Thankful Week.


Natashya said...

Beautiful bread! It looks so tasty, I really would like to make one one day.
Is that a Wilton Dimensions cake pan? I think I love you.

Megan said...

Ha ha - I just read Natashya's comment about the pan - she's such a pan addict!

Anyways, that bread looks amazing - puffy and sugary yummy in the tummy!

Debinhawaii said...

I love monkey bread but have never made it. This one looks so good--perfect for the holidays too.

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