Monday, November 10, 2008

Panini Press -- Maker Monday

It is Maker Monday time again! I'm sure just about everybody has a panini press but I thought I'd share a little about mine. I have the Cuisinart G1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press, and I love it. To be completely honest when I first saw it in person I thought it was pretty small, and also didn't like the fact that you can't stand it up for storage...but once I started making paninis all doubts went away and I fell for this specialty appliance like just about everyone else who has reviewed it on amazon.

I've never met a person who doesn't love a panini, even my ultra picky husband can find suitable fillings to make a sandwich he enjoys. And the kids, they love a panini pb & j, or a whole wheat banana nutella panini... Just about anything you can imagine can be magically transformed into an ooey gooey melty hot sandwich, add a salad and maybe a light soup, and you have a really easy dinner for the family, and everyone gets to pick their own panini fillings, so no complaints!

I've had this press for a couple years, it was a birthday present from my mom, who has nurtured my need to have specialty appliances since I was very young, I think I was the only little girl old who wanted a cappuccino maker from santa, and yes, santa delivered.
Here are some pictures of a 'mushroom avocado colby melt', my own little creation that turned out to be oh so delicious. I'm a sucker for melty veggie cheese sandwiches, you can put about anything in there on bread and it's delcious, and this sandwich is a new favorite. Just two thick slices of Honey French Bread, two thin colby jack slices, a little avocado (don't use too much or it will make the panini slippery inside and hard to eat), and one large mushroom, sliced. I added a little mayo and buttered the outside just a touch. You really don't have to, but I love how the crispy buttered sides take me back to a comforting grilled cheese.

Put your sandwich on the preheated griddler and set down the lid, I like to press it down a bit at first to smoosh all the yummy stuff together, then let it cook for about 3-5 minutes.

Ta-Da! Perfect yummy panini! Enjoy!


Natashya said...

I love our panini press too. Ours doesn't have the ridges though, I wish it did, they look so cool!
Also, I have heard that it is nice to drizzle a little good olive oil on them.
Isn't it great to have good tools? They make me so happy too.
Your panini looks perfect, very yummy.

Debinhawaii said...

Gooey cheese and avacado--what's not to love!?! I actually don't have a panini press--I keep telling myself I don't have enough room for one but you are tempting me...

Debinhawaii said...

BTW--Good catch on my soup post--it should have been vegetable stock not sauce! I replied back on my comments but wanted to make sure you got the correct info! ;-)

Cathy said...

I couldn't live without my panini press! I can hardly even eat cold sandwiches any more. This magic machine turns any sandwich into an irresistible feast. Love it! You've given me great ideas -- I haven't tried a panini pb&j yet!

Anonymous said...

I actually don't have a panini press. I've contemplated buying one several times, but always come to the conclusion that it's just one more thing for me to move every three years. I use a brick (like one you use on a house) wrapped in foil. It works pretty well...

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