Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peanuttiest Blondie Stars

This week for TWD Nicole of Bakeologie chose Peanuttiest Blondies for us to try! I don't know why but something about these made me want to dig out my silicone star pans and try to make some little Peanuttiest Blondie Stars.

I made the absolutely delicious blondie dough and scooped some into the star molds. I wasn't 100% sure that these were going to turn out, this pan is tricky sometimes, I've made cupcakes in it that turned out perfectly cute and then made muffins that turned out quite ugly -- the dough didn't really bake into the star form and they were craggy topped rock-like things instead of cute little star muffins.

Thank goodness these turned out okay! I only had one crumble during unmolding because the sides were a little stuck. The rest came out perfectly star shaped and just how I was hoping.

We haven't had any taste testers (I'm trying to save these for an after school snack) but if they taste half as good as the dough, I'm sure they'll be delicious! These baked in the star pan would be perfect for people who love the crusty edges of brownies, I'm more of a gooey middle fan, but I think picky hubby who loves those crispy crunchy edges will especially love these :)


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh I LOVE stars!! These are too adorable! How creative!

You'll love these ;) I have only found 2 people who are lukewarm on these and ZERO haters!!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love the thought of all the edges this makes.
Thanks for baking along!

lola said...

Perfect blondie stars for your little "stars". Great job!

Unknown said...

Wow i love your blog its awesome nice colors you must have did hard work on your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Peggy said...

Those are sooooo cute Andrea!! Love the stars. We loved these brownies errr blondies!!

Kayte said...

Stars...no one told me I could make stars with these or I would have...so cute!!!

superman said...

They are look so beautiful! I really like stars! It make me smile...

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mj said...

Ooooohhh so cute! I love your creation its really beautiful!

Nice post!

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