Friday, January 7, 2011

Paris Mushroom Soup -- French Fridays with Dorie

Time for French Fridays with Dorie! Our pick this week is Paris Mushroom Soup, what a treat! I love mushrooms and mushroom soup and have never had it prepared like this before so it was a fun recipe to try.

I made this for dinner during an evening when picky husband was working late because he hates mushrooms, which happen to be one of my favorite vegetables. Thank goodness our kids are mushroom fans --for the most part, my daughter likes them every which way except on pizza -- which is one of my favorite mushroom uses -- anyway... they were all excited to have mushroom soup for dinner and loved snacking on the fresh sliced mushrooms while I made the soup.

I used sherry for the wine and water with vegetable bouillon. Everything came together easily and smelled absolutely delicious while cooking. I decided to pull out my immersion blender since I never use it, I think it's been sitting in the cabinet for like two years, since I made some potato soup with it last. I wasn't ever sure it it would still work but it did and it blended the mushrooms nicely. I left it pretty rustic with some mushrooms slices still intact.

My three kids liked the raw mushrooms in the bowl before the soup and for the most part liked the soup as well. My three year old did not like the blended mushroom texture but ate it anyway, which is always a plus. My older two really liked it and were already asking when I would make it again. I thought it was delicious and all the more fun to try something you know and love (mushroom soup) in a new way. I hope everyone else who made this along with FFwD had as much fun with the recipe as we did :)


gugugaluh said...

Looks delicious :D

Cher said...

Isn't it great when you can get "the little people" on board with something that is good for them. Very nice.

scrambledhenfruit said...

I like the texture your immersion blender left. I pureed mine this time,but when I make it again I think I'll leave more mushroom chunks. Looks yummy! :)

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