Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Kitchen My World -- India

For the month of June, My Kitchen My World traveler Margaret at Tea and Scones picked India as our destination -- what fun! I love Indian food but my husband is not a fan and my kids are hit or miss with it, so I don't get to make it that often. I was very excited to try a couple of new Indian recipes for June's MKMW destination. For dinner I tried this recipe for Red Lentil Curry and served it with imported basmati rice, yum!

This dish was a little spicy and only my three year old son and I liked it. My two older kiddos and my husband were not fans of the red lentil curry, I anticipated this outcome so the curry was just a side dish for them and I made them a separate main meal.

For dessert I tried something totally new to me, an Indian dessert called badusha,
typically served during Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Badusha starts as a soft dough and is then shaped and deep fried. After frying, the badusha is soaked in a sugar syrup for about 10 minutes before serving. Only my youngest and I liked these desserts, my older two were not fans and my picky husband would not even try a bite. They are definitely a different sort of treat, I was hoping these would mimic some milk balls in syrup that I've had at Indian restaurants but they weren't quite the same, these were more delicate, but still quite delicious.

This was such a fun destination, please check out My Kitchen My World to see what everyone else cooked up :)

Here is my post from our first visit to India in September 2008: MKMW -- India


Kayte said...

These all look delicious. Love Basmati Rice, it has such a smooth texture and taste. We had a great time here, too, with this cuisine. Looking forward to next month, oh, and Kudos to everyone at your place for playing along!

TeaLady said...

Love the dessert. They look a lot like Gulab jaman. But lots easier.

Are they as easy as they sound?

Anonymous said...

Both dishes sound wonderful! I'd like to make an Indian lentil dish. Glad that at least some of your family liked these!

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