Monday, October 27, 2008

Caramel Apple Dipper -- Maker Monday

This is going to be a short Maker Monday because I'm seriously lacking in the picture department. We made caramel apples with the Chocomaker Caramel Apple Dipper last weekend but I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures of the finished apples before they dissapeared (hubby and kids ate them) -- of course you probably know what caramel apples look like but I still wanted to share some pictures. Oh-well. We are planning to make them again this week so I will add some photos of those later on.

This is one of those super silly specialty small kitchen appliances that I saw and just knew I needed. How fun would it be to have this adorable caramel apple filled with caramel for family night making caramel apples? Yeah, it might be a little too over the top, but it's only for the brief season of fall, and the kids absolutely love it.

Pretty much the contraption is a mini slow cooker inside of the apple shape, you plug it in with your caramels (like Kraft) or homemade caramel, and it has two settings, Melt, and Keep Warm. You can also just remove the liner bowl and microwave your caramels in that before setting it back in the Dipper to keep warm at the table for apple dipping. Another use is to have this out at fall or Halloween parties, filled with warm caramel fondue, with apple slices and pretzles and whatever else your heart desires to dip in caramel at a buffet table. It's a fun conversation piece and is a lot easier than melting the caramels on a pot or microwave, then having the caramel get too hard, reheating, etc. this just keeps it at the perfect temperature so you don't have to hurry through making your caramel apples.


CB said...

ohmygod. Where did you get that?? Me wanty!! I love caramel apples and I NEED that appliance. HAHA.

Cathy said...

You are the undisputed QUEEN of the "single-purpose, kinda unnecessary but sure is fun!" kitchen appliance, Andrea! Where do you find these things, my friend? I'm sure the candy apples looked great, but I feel completely satisfied just having had a glimpse of your Chocomaker Caramel Apple Dipper.

Andrea said...

Thanks guys, it helps to know I'm not the only person to get a kick out of these silly things -- is the answer to where to buy :)

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