Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Kitchen My World -- Argentina

The country of the week is Argentina, chosen by Teresa of I'm Running to Eat -- thanks Teresa! I made Argentine Lentil Stew, which was amazing, corn and cheese empanadas, and Argentine Easter bread! I didn't know too much about the foods of Argentina before starting to research my meal for this week.

I had heard of empanadas and thought they were mainly Mexican but I guess they are popular all over South America, especially Argentina, and I found a variety with corn and cheese which is popular in Argentina! I called them 'corn pockets' and hoped the kids would like them, as usual my one year old was the only eater adventerous eough to give them a try, oh-well. They were tasty and fun to make.

The lentil stew has apples, carrots, and organic red lentils, really really delicious stuff, even though the pictures of it aren't too flattering. The Argentine Easter bread is an egg bread that reminds me of a challah (which I LOVE) and it has dried lemon and orange zest, and also raisins, can't go wrong with raisin bread :)


Elra said...

Andrea, I am running late this time. I couldn't decide wether to make empanadas or some meat dishes. I probably try to make it tomorrow, since I had to go for dinner at a friend's house tonight.
Argentinean Easter Bread looks delicious, especially with the addition of raisins. Your empanadas look scrumptious too. I might just make empanada tomorrow. We'll see!
Well done as always!

Natashya said...

Love, love, love the Easter bread! I remember getting Challah on special occasions when I was young - it seemed so magical. I think I would love this bread.
And the lentil stew - my daughter (19) would love this - she is semi-vegan (can't eat dairy and doesn't like much meat)
Fortunately she loves lentils and such.
And the empanadas - great minds think alike!

Michelle Dargen said...

Holy cow! All of your dishes are beautiful. The bread looks especially tasty. YUM!

Anonymous said...

The Easter bread looks gorgeous. The lentil stew sound yummy. I love lentils. And if your kids won't eat the empanadas...send them over to me. :P

Debinhawaii said...

All three dishes look wonderful. I want it all. The bread especially! Great job!

Teresa said...

That lentil stew sounds wonderful. I like the addition of the apples. I have a ton here to use up. And that bread is gorgeous!

Lauren said...

I really love that you made several dishes- I only had time to make my main component traditional recipe. You really put effort into this and it sounds like it paid off tastily! Great job!

Cathy said...

What an amazing looking meal! Your bread always looks perfect. I am sure that my one year old would have loved the empanadas, too! And the lentil stew looks to die for. I bet the apples and carrots add a nice bit of sweetness to it. Fantastic dinner!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those look awesome! I LOVE empanadas... my Puerto Rican friend taught me to make them "Puerto Rican way". You can never go wrong with lentils either.


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