Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chocolate Puddings and Coconut Custard Pie -- Sweet Melissa Sundays

Our pick for today's edition of Sweet Melissa Sundays is Chocolate Pudding, picked for us to try by Leslie of
Lethally Delicious -- thank you, Leslie! I just made something similar, Chocolate Pots de Creme for TWD, and the recipes were very close. I only made of half batch of the TWD Chocolate Pots de Creme, it was a huge hit and the kids were asking when I would make them again, so I was happy to make a full batch (6 ramekins) of the SMS Chocolate Pudding pick and excited to give this recipe a try.

I prepared the custards, my only change to the recipe was to whisk in 1/4 cup of Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder to give in an extra chocolate punch since it looked a little pale. I then got my water bath ready, covered my pan with foil, and put these puds in the oven for one hour, the full recipe baking time. When I took them out they looked a little funny, but I wasn't worried, I thought it might have just been from the extra cocoa powder. I then discovered I totally messed these up by having the oven set at 350 instead of the 300 the recipe called for, I had to go check the oven temp and realized my error but it was too late for these puddings. They were inedible and just utterly disgusting. I couldn't believe I had ruined them :( I would have made a second batch but used up the last of my eggs for the first batch. I will have to try these again soon. The Butterscotch Puddings we made for Sweet Melissa Sundays were amazing and I'm sure that the chocolate recipe is wonderful too, I'm sorry I messed these up...Oh-well, what can you do?

As I was uploading my pudding fail photo, I noticed a couple photos of a Sweet Melissa Sundays pick from last May that I baked along on but never posted about -- Coconut Custard Pie, picked for us to try back then by the bakers at
I Dream of Baking (click for recipe). So I figured I'd post these along with my poor puddings that didn't turn out. This pie was delicious, I love coconut but am not usually a custard pie fan, but gave this recipe a go anyway and it was so so yummy. If you are a coconut custard pie fan give this a try for sure :)


Candy Girl said...

Sorry about the puddings! I know how frustrating it is to make a mistake on a recipe you have put so much work into.

The pie looks great - I loved that one!

Gloria said...

Bummer! I agree that the color of this chocolate pudding looked light...mine was almost grey in color. Adding in cocoa powder is a great idea. I was expecting this to have a dark chocolate appearence. I overbaked mine a bit and wasn't in love with the texture. I need to give these another go.

Your coconut custard looks great!

Julie said...

So frustrating when a recipe doesn't turn out! I've been there so many times. I love your custard dishes!!!

Tessa said...

I hate that moment when you realize that you've made a mistake with a recipe that is non-reversible... I'm sure we've all been there.

On a second note, the pie looks great. I recently made a different coconut cream pie (that turned out great) and it got me thinking about the SMS recipe. Glad to know it's pretty good in it's own right =)

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