Sunday, March 6, 2011

Four Veggie Pizza

This was an "everything but the kitchen sink" or "clean out the fridge" type pizza that turned out really yummy! The veggies are from Sam's Club, and I know this pizza would be even tastier using fresh from the garden veggies this summer, can't wait :)

Four Veggie Pizza

your favorite pizza dough
your favorite pizza sauce
fresh mozzarella log, about half, sliced into rounds
generous 1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese
red, yellow, and / or orange bell peppers, thinly sliced -- I used baby bell peppers
2 small tomatoes, sliced, I used Campari tomatoes -- yum!
about 5 large mushrooms, sliced
about 5 jumbo black olives, thinly sliced

Spread desired amount of pizza sauce on pizza crust, I used a homemade crust, but I bet this pizza would be great with a Boboli crust.

Distribute slices of mozzarella on top of sauce, then sprinkle goat cheese crumbles evenly over the mozzarella, covering any big exposed areas of sauce.

Place veggies on top.

Bake on a baking sheet or pizza pan for about 15 minutes at 415, or until crust is nicely browned on the bottom. I like to bake on a preheated baking stone at a higher oven temperature, around 550 (should preheat stone for at least 30 minutes, I like to preheat the stone for about an hour). The fresh mozzarella and goat cheese don't brown too much, so you have to check your crust for doneness with this pizza. Enjoy!

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