Friday, July 4, 2008

Bon Bon Cookies

Happy 4th of July! These little cuties are our patriotic treat for the day. The recipe is from Betty Crocker's Cooky Book and these were introduced as the "Best Cooky of 1955-1960." You can fill them with whatever you'd like, the book gives suggestions such as candied or maraschino cherries, petite dates, nuts, or pieces of chocolate. I went with chocolate. I cut up a couple Hershey bars and we were all set.

I loved the way these turned out and almost think I could have added MORE chocolate in the middle, might even try whole Hershey kisses next time. I can see myself making these for lots of future holidays because I just love seasonal sprinkles and here is a perfect way to use them up. Last Christmas I made a similar recipe called "Hidden Treasures" that had a maraschino cherry in the middle, and while they were wonderful I think I like this dough recipe better, this is a butter based dough while "Hidden Treasures" was a crisco based recipe. No offense to crisco, I've had great success with some crisco recipes, but the butter flavor in real butter just can't be beat.

I've been doing so much baking from Betty Croker's Cooky Book lately that I'm almost temped to challenge myself to a "bake through" for this book. I probably won't follow through, at least not with this book, just because there are so many variations on each recipe. I wouldn't feel right saying I baked my way through the whole book if I didn't try each variation, and while I love you Cooky Book, I don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment right now.

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Flourchild said...

Cute cookies! I was looking through some of your old post and saw these! Yummm!!

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