Monday, July 7, 2008

Presto Homeade Lemonade Maker

Today I will share one of my many 'makers' -- a "homemade" lemonade maker! How appropriate for the middle of summer, right? I know there are a few different models of lemonade makers out there on the market, I happen to have the Presto Homeade Lemonade Maker. I love it, I've had it for quite a few years, not quite sure when or where or why I bought it, well, we all know why, just can't kick the maker habbit. If I see some cute and totally not necessary kitchen goodie I can't pass it up.

The best part is that the kids love it and they get to help make lemonade! It is so easy and safe. Really this product is just a glorified electric juicer with a pitcher and stirred underneath the rotating juicer top. So simple. The juicer/stir combo comes off and you can top the pitcher with a seperate lid for storing in the fridge. I love to use this with my children, and they LOVE making lemonade with the lemonade maker, and going shopping for "yelwoah lennons." They can hold down a lemon half while the juicer spins and watch some juice drip down into the pitcher. Daddy loves his lemonade too! We just keep tasting until it's perfect, and I do mean perfect, we were at a fair for the 4th of July and we tried lemonade from three different lemonade stands, and they were all subpar, three seperate stands, so dissapointing. We always thought that you can't beat fair lemonade, but I think we've just been so spoiled by the fresh lemonade from our maker that we are now lemonade snobs. Hehehe.

If you found this website while searching for instructions for the Presto Homeade Lemonade Maker please, click here!

Just because everything tastes a little better with an umbrella :)


Rebecca of "Ezra Pound Cake" said...

Mmmm, nothing beats fresh lemonade. Our favorite meat-and-three keeps the squeezed rinds in the pitcher. Lethal! ;)


Your Sunshine said...

I love this lemonade maker! its great at juicing lemons and it has a pitcher on the bottom. Excellent!

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