Monday, July 14, 2008

VillaWare Grand Crepe Maker

Cinnamon Sugar Crepes with Strawberries, thanks to my VillaWare Grand Y

It's Maker Monday :) Introducing the VillaWare Grand Crepe Maker -- this was a Christmas present from dh in 2005. I picked it out, which he always insists I do since he doesn't know what to get me, that is fine though, I get something I want and he doesn't have to shop, win-win situation. I was so excited to finally get a crepe maker! I love crepes but am no good at making them in a regular pan, and instead of getting a crepe pan, my love for things you plug in took over and this baby was on the way from amazon. I debated for only a second between getting the 'grand' which makes 10 inch crepes, or the smaller regular model which makes 7 1/2 inch crepes, come on, who wouldn't want 2 1/2 more inches of crepey goodness ready to be filled, rolled, folded, or layered?

The first time I used the 'grand' I followed the directions about spraying the cooking surface with cooking spray to insure the crepe wouldn't stick, that was a bad idea, as soon as I started my crepe stuck but only for a second, not long enough to do the flip, and my just starting to cook crepe fell down into my dipping dish, where all of the batter is stored, made a big splash mess, and ruined the rest of the crepe batter. :( It took me a while before I even wanted to attempt to use my crepe maker again and I even considered returning it. I'm so glad that I gave it another chance, this time not oiling or spraying the cooking surface, just dip and flip then release, so easy!

Ready to dip...

See the steam? Get ready for some yummy crepes!

The VillaWare Grand Crepe Maker has to be one of my favorite small kitchen appliances, it does exactly what it was designed to do, makes crepes much easier than the old fashioned method, and is very easy to use!

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