Monday, August 25, 2008

Rival Electric Wok -- Maker Monday

I haven't done 'maker Monday' in a while but thought I'd pick it up again and introduce you to my Rival Electric Wok, it's not really a 'maker' unless you want to call it a stir fry maker, but goes with my 'plug it in kitchen appliance' stash and I wanted to share. One of the reasons I love using my electric wok is because when I am making an Asian style meal I am usually making quite a few different dishes so my stove top is packed and I can plug this wok on any available counterspace and start a stir fry.

I really enjoy my electric wok! It's so versatile, you can boil, steam (it came with a steamer rack that I have lost, oops), sautee, and even deep fry thanks to an adjustable thermostat. It's quite big and can hold a ton of food, perfect for clean out the fridge stir fries! I got mine for Christmas a few years ago, and if this one ever stopped working I would buy another electric wok right away, but this time around I would go for a stainless model. I have had no trouble with the nonstick surface of this wok, it works like a dream, none has flaked off or anything scary like that, but I've been getting away from nonstick surfaces because they scare me a little bit.
Last night I made some homemade eggrolls and fried them in the wok. My husband and I were having a "duck sauce" taste off :) When I made eggrolls last for the Olympic opening ceremony dinner we didn't have any duck sauce to dip the eggrolls in and we both were craving some. Of course they didn't have it at the grocery store so I ordered two different kinds on netgrocer, I didn't really look at the size and we were surprised to have a huge jar of Dai Day Duck Sauce arrive in our netgrocer package. Oh-well. I'm sure it will keep for a while in the fridge, unfortunately we both preferred the Ka Me Duck Sauce flavor over Dai Day...although neither were quite as good as the kind they give you in the Chinese restaurant, either at the table or in those little packets with take-out. Anyone know what brand of duck sauce those are? I think I will have to try to make my own duck sauce at some point. Until then we have plenty so if you want to come over for an eggroll party, please, just let me know :)

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Natashya said...

I love eggrolls, yours look so good. And since you have leftovers....
I could eat a whole meal just of them.
I don't have an electric wok at the moment - I did have one years ago - this is surprising as I am a gadget junkie like yourself.

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