Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rum Truffles -- Sweet Melissa Sundays

Time for Sweet Melissa Sundays! Our pick this week is a recipe for Rum Truffles, picked for us to try by Nina at Nina’s Cupcakes, thanks Nina! This is my second time making truffles, my first one, Peanut Butter Truffles, was also made with the Sweet Melissa Sundays gang. I think I liked the flavor of those a touch more than these, because I liked the peanut butter and chocolate flavor better than the rum chocolate flavor, but these were still really good.

The above photo is the truffle mixture before it goes in the fridge to firm up, it was very glossy and smooth, just like a mirror. It is reflecting the dining room lighting fixture and looks kind of neat to me. It's always fun to see stuff at a different angle, just wish I had better natural light in the room and that would have been a pretty cool photo.

I had a bag of Wilton Color Melts to try, featuring the new Colorburst Brights option, so I used these to coat a few of the truffles. When I saw these for sale I could not pass them up. They are not quite as bright as I imagined they'd be :( but they were still kind of neat. You can seem the truffles in the first photo have been coated with the Color Burst candy melts but I didn't think the colors popped as much as they should have, kind of just made the truffles look messy to me. Next time I'll stick with white candy melts and plenty of nonpareils to give it that fun sprinkled look.

For the last few of these (I made a half batch) I used chocolate sprinkles and I think those turned out cuter. It's always fun to try a candy recipe, and I need as much practice as possible with truffles if I ever want to make them for treats during the holidays, so bring on the truffle recipes :) These were so rich that one is more than enough chocolate for the day, picky husband said he required a glass of milk to finish one truffle, but then again, isn't that the point of a truffle, to give an extra intense dose of chocolate?


Candy said...

Both versions look beautiful and delicious!

Unknown said...

Love the ones with the sprinkles - that's the route I'm going too. Did you end up using the egg yolk in yours?

Andrea at Nummy Kitchen said...

Tracey, no I skipped the egg yolks. Forgot to mention that in my post, sorry! Have fun making these, can't wait to see how cute yours turn out :)

Flourchild said...

Yum candy and it's even homemade! Yum! I love them!

Julie said...

Love the picture of the reflection in the truffle mixture. These look so delicious.

Every Day Blessings said...

I agree both versions look great!I agree these are rich and one a day is plenty!

Gloria - The Ginger Snap Girl said...

Andrea...I looked at the photo with the reflection of the light fixture for a good minute trying to figure out what is was! I finally gave in and read the details. Very cool photo. Your truffles look great. I was wanting to coat mine with white chocolate. I love the contrast of the dark chocolate and white on yours.

alex said...

wow.. chocolate.. love it..

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firezdog said...

Delicious, but how come no recipe? Truffles are pretty easy to make in my own experience, but hard to shape (it isn't hard to cook something that tastes good, but to make it look good, is not so easy) -- and tempering chocolate is always a bit of a hassle (I would just use the microwave).

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